Associate Chair
TP : Fast Transit to Mars

Jaroslaw is a System Engineer in Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP, responsible for projects and activity related to on-orbit robotics. He is also an active member of the Polish Space Industry Association “SPACE PL”.

Jaroslaw is an alumni of ISU SSP14 in Montreal, Canada. He was an organizer of several space events, e.g. SpaceUp Poland and Space TweetUp Poland. During his studies was an active member of the Student’s Space Association of Warsaw University of Technology, where he participated in several educational programs of the European Space Agency, such as REXUS/BEXUS and European Student Earth Orbiter. For two years Jaroslaw was a National Point of Contact for Poland in the Space Generation Advisory Council. In his spare time he provides free trainings of soft skills for students organizations under the Association of Volunteer Trainers “STER”.

He believes that space exploration is a challenge and future of all Humanity. Big fun of the Moon Village concept.