Carol Carnett
Carol Carnett

An optional Space English Access Course is offered in the week preceding the SSP to registered students for the purpose of:

  • Helping non-native English speakers become familiar with space sector terminology through 36 hours of intensive language acquisition activities to build skills in reading, listening, writing, and speaking.
  • Improving the oral comprehension of different speaker accents, using real time presentations and audio/video resources from the ISU curriculum.
  • Preparing for a better integration into the diverse group of ISU students, faculty, and staff.Conversational strategies and adapted techniques will prepare non-native English speakers to take an active role in lectures, workshops, and team project meetings where speaking is encouraged.
  • Refreshing grammar essentials and addressing specific needs according to individual student questions and ongoing in-class assessments.

Participants in the SEAC will receive a Certificate of Completion for the SEAC, as well as an individual report on their course participation with recommendations for next steps in their English language development.

English Language Classes and Workshops

The English Team, with the assistance of language resource volunteers, will be available to help students having difficulty with English. Help will be provided in the following areas: core lecture vocabulary and key concepts; exam preparation; preparation of departmental assignments; team project work; and speaking/writing practice. English classes are included in the weekly schedule. In addition, individual students or groups of students with similar goals are encouraged to schedule tutorial times with the English teachers, according to available times in the SSP schedule.

The required Writing and Presentation Workshop will be facilitated by the English Team. The Workshop is now conducted separately for each TP, and each year we will use a break-out room to complete the workshop activities in the time allotted.

The English Team also provides faculty/staff editing support to the TP editors.