robot 1 robot 2 robot 3

13 July, 2019 1pm to 3:30pm
ISU Central Campus, Pioneers Hall
Open to public 


There are two major tasks in this competition. One is navigation of unknown world. There are scattered rock obstacles in the competition field and the robots should recognize them with onboard sensors, then make appropriate avoidance maneuvers. Also there is a boundary of the field, and the robots should remain inside the field during the competition activity. Two is sample collection. In the competition field, there are many of precious pieces called “gems” and the mission is to collect as many gems as possible in a given time, while satisfying the first task. If your robot is succeeded in bringing the gems back to a home position, a bonus mark will be awarded for the completion of a sample-return mission. All mission must be conducted completely autonomously, which is a great exercise of a real planetary exploration scenario.

Thanks to LEGO Mindstorms, teamwork and a lot of imagination, ISU participants design and build autonomous robots to achieve the above-mentioned tasks. The performance of the robots will be evaluated by a group of judges, and prizes will be given to the winning teams.
Visitors of all ages are welcome to share an educational and fun experience.