Thursday 18 July, 2019 8pm to 10:30pm
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KosmicaTHE INSTITUTE KOSMICA is a global institute founded in 2011 with the mission to establish a platform for critical, cultural and poetic discourse on our relationship with outer space and the impact of space activities here on Earth. The Institute develops initiatives that bridge art and humanities, the space sector and society. KOSMICA supports that space does not belong to anyone and our relationship with it is deeply rooted in every culture around the world. We believe that all of us have a stake in humanity’s actions beyond our planetary home.In particular, we are convinced that artists, poets, anthropologists, musicians, philosophers and other cultural practitioners bring unique perspectives to the debates and issues surrounding space activities.

KOSMICA curates and produces original content, projects and programmes. Each of our activities is unique, bringing together experts across disciplines to explore the cultural impact of space exploration, the future of humanity and the most urgent issues we are currently facing on our planet. We work in partnership with cultural, academic, and scientific institutions as well as the space industry all around the world to deliver our initiatives.
Our five key lines of work are:


Before space travel was possible, artists from different disciplines were already imagining humanity beyond Earth’s orbit. These cultural works inspired both scientists and engineers that made space travelling possible. Today the role of imagination and creativity are even more important as the space sector grows. Artists can directly contribute in shaping the new technologies that will revolutionise space exploration.


As concerns about the survival of life on Earth grow, we have to reimagine our relationship to our planet and rethink key debates about technology, land, population, property, migration, exploitation of natural resources and environmental management. KOSMICA believes that we can use the vantage point of outer space to gain perspective on our current situation, and take inspiration to find disruptive methods for dealing with these issues on Earth.


When envisioning the future of our societies, space becomes a critical territory that must be inhabited artistically as well as scientifically. Throughout history artists, musicians and writers alike have envisioned a myriad of models for exploring the universe in both critical and poetical ways. KOSMICA believes that future imaginaries of space have an enormous impact on contemporary ideas and practices of human culture. While space activities are often imagined as a continuation of older logics and practices of Western power, inventing new alternatives to colonialism, exploitation and occupation becomes crucial if we are to live in a more equitable society.


The history of space exploration is dominated by affluent and industrialised nations, often tied to military and economic imperatives. In turn, space activities and their narratives have further cemented the imperial and economic dominance of these superpowers, reinforcing existing belief systems, gender, racial and colonial orders. This legacy leaves little room for cultural diversity in outer space. KOSMICA examines the origins of these norms and proposes a more inclusive environment that reflects the diversity that exists here on Earth.


Whether venturing into the depths of space or orbiting around Earth, space exploration ultimately shows us what a unique and rare home we have. KOSMICA wants to excite people about our universe and the planet we inhabit. By sharing a whiff of what the moon smells like or exploring the history of drinking alcohol in space, we gain new appreciation for the simple details of our lives. Remembering that we share an extraordinary existence with other living beings on this planet, in this solar system and in this universe is a reason for celebration!