Tuesday 30 July, 2019 8pm to 10:30pm
Saint Guillaume Church, Strasbourg
Open to public upon registration

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This event will be webcasted on the ISU Live channel



For the first time the International Space University and the KOSMICA Institute bring the internationally acclaimed series of galactic gatherings for Earth-bound artists, space engineers, performers, astronomers, musicians and anyone interested in exploring and sharing space in original cultural and critical ways.

This edition of KOSMICA in Strasbourg will explore how artists are creating projects in extreme environments such as outer space. The evening will include a social mix of art–space programmes that include video art, performances and music alongside presentations, talks and debates.


THE INSTITUTE KOSMICA is a global institute founded in 2011 with the mission to establish a platform for critical, cultural and poetic discourse on our relationship with outer space and the impact of space activities here on Earth. The Institute develops initiatives that bridge art and humanities, the space sector and society. KOSMICA supports that space does not belong to anyone and our relationship with it is deeply rooted in every culture around the world. We believe that all of us have a stake in humanity’s actions beyond our planetary home.In particular, we are convinced that artists, poets, anthropologists, musicians, philosophers and other cultural practitioners bring unique perspectives to the debates and issues surrounding space activities.

KOSMICA curates and produces original content, projects and programmes. Each of our activities is unique, bringing together experts across disciplines to explore the cultural impact of space exploration, the future of humanity and the most urgent issues we are currently facing on our planet. We work in partnership with cultural, academic, and scientific institutions as well as the space industry all around the world to deliver our initiatives.


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