Andrew Butler
Associate Chair

TP Next Generation Space Systems: Swarms

Andrew is a Canadian Barrister and Solicitor, Australian Lawyer and Australian Registered Migration Agent. His research focus is the forthcoming intersection of international migration law and international space law governing the future human settlement of outer space. His most recent publication, 'Freedom of Movement in Outer Space as an Individual Human Right', can be found in volume 42 of the Annals of Air and Space Law. Andrew has completed a Master of Research from Macquarie University examining the Outer Space Treaty from an international migration law perspective, as well as the Strategic Space Law Program at McGill University. In addition to his Juris Doctor from the University of Melbourne, he also holds two Master of Laws degrees and a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law. He is a proud alumnus of the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SH-SSP) in 2016, going on to earn a Graduate Certificate in Space Studies from the University of South Australia. Andrew was a member of staff on the 2017 Space Studies Program, held in Cork, Ireland, where he served as the Teaching Associate for the 'A Roadmap for Emerging Space States' (ARESS) team project. He also was the Associate Chair of the 'Space Ready: The Launchpad for Emerging Agencies' team project at the 2018 SH-SSP in Adelaide, Australia. Andrew is largely based in Toronto, Canada, and is currently employed in a research capacity by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute at the University of Melbourne and an immigration consultancy firm located in London, UK. In the decade prior he has worked in the corporate immigration field, in London, Melbourne, Sydney and Toronto as well as for both the Australian Departments of Immigration and Defence. He has also previously served in the offices of both an Australian and a United States Senator.