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Samantha Coras
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Norah Patten

The dream of spaceflight is as old as the human imagination. But what is it about space exploration that motivates us to find out more? Do our dreams inspire space travel or does space travel shape our dreams? And what is our role, as a human species, as we continue in our quest to move past low Earth orbit to discover new worlds?

The Space Humanities Department will offer participants a truly unique opportunity to break free and think differently. We will explore the meaning and significance of humankind’s expansion into space in a supportive and creative environment. Our hands-on, interactive activities are specifically designed to take participants on a journey of inspiration, creation and reflection.

This year, participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice skills from humanities such as philosophy, ethics, art, communication and expression, and be inspired by activities designed to be outside the familiar realm of experience. Understanding the basic motivations for space activities by exploring their origins in, and their impact upon, human culture and society enables new and renewed visions that can inspire future space programs.


Participants will travel offsite to simulate and understand the Overview Effect; anthropology and bioethics will be discussed in hands-on, interactive workshops; and guidance on communications and outreach will be provided so that, when participants return home after SSP, they will be able to identify and describe key interactions between space and society, and use new skills positively in their communities at work and at home.

All participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Travel offsite to simulate and understand the ‘Overview Effect’
  • Design a mission patch
  • Create their own piece of art
  • Explore the European Astronaut Centre
  • Develop communication skills

We invite participants to join us and think in a new way about our place on Earth and our place in space.