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SSS 19: Space Applications Department Introduction

The applications of Space technology are the backbone of modern digital life, helping us to keep in touch, find our way, stay safe and monitor the Earth for changes that could help or harm the environment and society. The Space Applications Department examines these various applications areas with a primary focus on Earth-orbiting satellite systems, ground systems, and end-user equipment hardware and software.

Key areas of focus include:

Satellite communication systems and services
Remote sensing and Earth observation
Geographic information systems (GIS)
Satellite navigation systems



The Department explores enabling space technologies and their scientific benefits and societal applications. Themes range from telecommunication fundamentals to remote sensing image processing/interpretation, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), GIS data management, and avionics. Workshops and demonstrations provide hands-on training with hardware and software for satellite payload development, image processing (optical, radar), global positioning systems (GPS), and data analysis. Professional visits to local facilities provide further insight into civilian and commercial space applications.

Participants will be able to:

Engage in a variety of workshops, demonstrations, and professional visits that explore enabling space technologies and their applications.
Develop proficiency in technological hardware and software for image processing, telecommunications, GIS, and GPS.
Design and complete a research project emphasizing the application of space technologies and present results in oral and written formats.
Participate in group activities in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment.