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Tanja Masson-Zwaan

The Space Policy, Economics and Law Department focuses on the “why” and “how” behind the regulation and governance of space activities.

Participants joining the PEL Department will be involved in a range of discussions, debates and interactions designed to provide an in-depth understanding of what shapes current and future space activities around the world, along with their societal impacts, justifications, benefits and the international and national legal frameworks within which space activities are conducted. Experts from space companies, international organisations, space agencies, law firms and academia will work with the participants on topics that include:


  • The political and economic drivers that incentivize countries to invest in space infrastructure and private actors to get involved in space projects
  • The challenges with regard to the relevance and application of international space law raised from new technologies
  • The context of establishment of domestic space legislation and the differences among different national frameworks
  • The practical legal aspects of space activities, including contracting, export limitations, privacy concerns, and cybersecurity
  • Examples from contemporary missions and projects, such as human spaceflight, space resource utilization, space debris, and planetary defence.



The Department activities will comprise of lectures, panel talks and workshops, which aim to broaden the knowledge and understanding of the participants on the legal, policy and economic issues connected to space activities in an interactive manner.